Inquiry launched to investigate urgent need to grow apprenticeships in engineering, manufacturing and technology

Apprenticeship inquiry

During National Apprenticeship Week we wanted to remind you to feedback into the apprenticeship inquiry being led by former Ministers Lord Knight and Lord Willetts. Last month they launched an inquiry to uncover the reasons behind the decline in engineering, manufacturing and technology apprenticeship starts over recent years in the UK.

We’ve been hearing your feedback but we’d really encourage you to have your say and input into the national inquiry so that they can hear what is happening on the ground. Anecdotal reasons we’ve been told for this decline include:

– the apprentices no longer having 3 months with the training provider before starting with the employer. Therefore they are not as useful to the business from day one.
– the training providers are not receptive to employers and the businesses are not getting enough feedback about the individuals
– the training providers only receive the funding once the apprentice has completed year 1. Therefore the perception of employers is that the training provider will drag the apprentice through the course even if they are not meeting the grades, in order that they receive the funding.

All these are anecdotal reasons we’ve heard, however the inquiry needs to hear your real life evidence of what you are experiencing within the industry. Therefore, make sure you give them your feedback before 27th February 2023 via the link below:

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